Ginny Weasley (scarletginny) wrote in thp_playersmod,
Ginny Weasley

if anyone even sees this place anymore...

So Harry and Ginny's flat is not a fancy place. It does have proper curtains and things now, and Ginny gets flowers a lot and puts them in canning jars in the windows. There are a few magic decorations, but she doesn't want to give Harry a heart attack, and he's weird and paranoid, so she kept it to a minimum. (Also the reason there is no jumping out and yelling surprise. Bad plan.)

Harry is there, but hasn't actually been told people are coming over until they actually arrive, and is then all surprised, because he still seems to have difficulty understanding why anybody'd come over just to see him. (His player says I've made him sound a bit wacko here, sorry about that. But, well.)

Pleasantly surprised, though. It's fun.

She's made chicken and dumplings (besides, watching toddlers eat dumplings and mash them all over things is fun) and birthday cake. The whole thing will be relatively quiet unless people (that is, you) make it otherwise--food, cake, and presents for Harry.

Comment with shared experiences here. :)
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